[Interview] Lionel Mpfizi, CEO, Awesomity Lab, Rwanda

Lionel Mpfizi
 is the CEO of Awesomity Lab, an award-winning software development company based in Kigali, Rwanda. 

Could you introduce Awesomity Lab and where the name itself comes from? 

Awesomity Lab is an award-winning software development company based in Kigali, Rwanda.

The name Awesomity comes from the phrase AWESOME CREATIVITY. Founded just 5 years ago by four young entrepreneurs, Awesomity has gone on to develop solutions for more than a dozen clients all over Africa and Europe. Awesomity specializes in building mobile applications and web platforms with the focus of always creating the perfect user-centered design for our clients.

When and why was it set up?

Awesomity was founded in 2015 and deyond just developing software, Our vision is to promote Rwandan-made IT solutions tailored for Rwandan challenges. Awesomity’s team has sourced out 14 of the best local talent in programmers and designers who truly understand the Rwandan way to approach a challenge and develop a solution to it. Which is why we pride ourselves on our richly designed and intuitive Made in Rwanda software applications.

How has the market responded to your services? Why do you think that is so?

The market response has been great so far, In the last 5 years, Awesomity has had the chance to develop a variety of solutions in diverse sectors. Most notably, creating Rwanda’s first ride-hailing service in partnership with Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda which has completed over 150,000 rides since launching in 2019 and spearheading the development and redesign of all government websites in Rwanda, starting with all ministries, embassies and district offices.

Rwanda is the perfect place for a business like ours, I believe on of the reasons behind the our success in this market is our understanding of it, and the creativity and talent we bring to the table.

What is the uniqueness of Awesomity Lab from other tech-companies?

Awesomity is renowned for skill, hard work, creativity and user experience that goes unbeaten in the region. Our client’s projects become our projects and we work hand in hand from start to finish.

We have created quite a unique process of approaching client projects that helps them get the best value for their money. This process keeps being improved with every new project we work on and I believe this is what helps us keep up with the competition.

How do you find competition in your industry? 

The software development scene in Rwanda is rapidly growing and more and more companies are enterring the space. We however do try to deliver better quality and create strong relationships with our clients. One of our biggest advantages is that we have been here longer and the experience collected over these years has helped our team become stronger than most of the competition.

What are some of the proud moments of Awesomity Lab?

Over time, Awesomity has received a lot of recognition for the amazing work we have been doing. In 2016, Awesomity was awarded 1st runner up prize in Seedstars Kigali Chapter, in 2018 Awesomity took home the Gov UI/UX Challenge which took it into a contract for developing the Gov platforms the next year.

In 2019 Awesomity was recognized for its standards and best practices in software development and was award one of the three Rwanda Tech-Seals. At the beginning of 2020, Awesomity received a business excellence award from RDB as the young entrepreneur of the year.

What are Awesomity Lab’s biggest plans for 2021?

This year we are planning on expanding our portfolion with more consumer facing apps and enterring new fields such as fintech. But everything is still in the early planning phases at the moment. 

We also recently started the second TaskForce cohort, which is our unique onboarding process where interns go through a 7 weeks bootcamp specially designed to upskill them in both soft and technical team before they can join our team. We beleive that this will also be among our 2021 achievements. 


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